IM*MEDIA is a creative digital communication agency.

Since 1995 it has covered all areas of the digital sector, servicing a portfolio of clients throughout the country. It works in the field of new media, both online (web and mobile) and off line (interactive applications and more).

The products and services for businesses include websites, mobile applications, social media marketing campaigns and web advertising, videos and animation.

IM*MEDIA Show Reel 2014

Our Clients

  • Viceversa Padiglione Italia
  • Officine Panerai
  • Samsung
  • Cassina
  • Sixt
  • Salumeria Rosi
  • Geronimo Stilton
  • Kinder
  • Corriere della sera
  • Poltrona Frau
  • TIM
  • IM*MEDIA is the technical sponsor of the Italian Pavilion at the Biennale Arte 2013 with the creation of the exhibition website vice versa. The exhibition has an area consisting of seven rooms, seven environments each of which hosts two artists in dialogue with one another, where the deep meaning of this dialectic vocation is expressed through the displayed works. The features of the exhibition and the artists are described, accompanied by multimedia content, with a clean and essential graphic interface, also easily accessible from mobile devices. A crowd funding activity was carried out on the vice versa website, which is search-engine optimised and has a Social Media Marketing plan that has enabled users to participate actively and support the event first hand.
  • Officine Panerai watches are a natural combination of Italian design, Swiss technology and passion for the sea. IM*MEDIA has created the app "Officine Panerai Catalogue 2013", launched at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva, and rated one of the most innovative apps at SMAU 2013. In addition, since 2010, IM*MEDIA has created a multimedia press kit for Panerai for company events.
  • The global giant of digital electronics. In 2011, IM*MEDIA launched the website of the new Samsung Galaxy Next, the first smartphone aimed at the very young end of the market. To discover the functions on the device, a Smart Day was held, where the users themselves could decide the events of a given day according to their choices, using cool cartoon-style graphics. Designed to engage with the users and rich in interactive content, the Samsung Galaxy Next website was awarded 1st prize in the Technology and Innovation category at the Interactive Key Awards, the most important Italian digital communication award.
  • Leading international design brand, part of the Poltrona Frau Group. IM*MEDIA put its signature to the brand's site in 2010, highlighting the authenticity and know-how of the best Italian tradition. Also, for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, IM*MEDIA launched the Sessantuna project, a homage to the Italian Risorgimento, narrated in 60 unique tablets, signed by designer Gaetano Pesce. Lastly, IM*MEDIA also produced the site for LC Collection: Cassina is the only company in the world authorised to produce the unique design pieces of the master Le Corbusier.
  • The Italian branch of the huge German car rental company. IM*MEDIA produced the websites for Sixt Italy, also available in a mobile version and considered a benchmark of simplicity, functionality and speed at European level. IM*MEDIA also manages an impressive Keyword Advertising campaign, achieving a ROI of 963% at an excellent purchase price.
  • The food brand Parmacotto is opening restaurants throughout the world. It reproduces the historical tradition of Salumeria Rosi, in the historical town centre of Parma, and replicates its success in the most exclusive locations in Paris (Galerie Lafayette) and New York (Madison Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue). IM*MEDIA has built the websites of Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto in desktop and mobile versions, enabling visitors to explore the restaurant using the specially produced Virtual tours, with their innovative construction and progressive approach. Thanks to the active points on the large panoramic images, users can access multimedia content for further information.
  • The rodent journalist adored by children all over the world. A global success that has made the Geronimo Stilton series the second most read children's character in the world. IM*MEDIA has created the web portal of Geronimo Stilton, translated into more than 15 languages. A rich graphic interface full of entertaining content that turns children into the protagonists of his adventures. A very complex back-end system that allows editors around the world to customise the content and manage the little rodent community. In 2013, Geronimo Stilton also became an app, that became a hit in the iTunes Store charts in the space of a few weeks.
  • Kinder is a synonym of goodness throughout the world. A passion among adults and children, produced by Ferrero. Children especially are the target for the huge set of interactive games produced by IM*MEDIA since 2010 on the Magic Kinder portal. Online challenges that make the most of augmented reality to provide simple entertainment and to take advantage of the opportunities of new means of digital communication to support the marketing of the product.
  • The Rizzoli-Corriere della Sera group is a leading conglomerate in the Italian media scene. IM*MEDIA has been following the RCS group for almost 15 years, creating platforms for in-house communication and to manage advertising space and the whole media panorama of the group, producing mobile applications for the sales force and developing the institutional web portal of RCS Pubblicità. IM*MEDIA is also responsible for the production of videos and other multimedia content for RCS group conventions.
  • The long story of the prestigious international design brand, told through the Poltrona Frau Museum, created for the 100th anniversary of the foundation and through the website and virtual tour created by IM*MEDIA. IM*MEDIA had already produced the Group's website and that of the Poltrona Frau brand in the past. The challenge: to tell the story of "Intelligence of the hands" in digital: the tradition of craftsmanship and innovation in international design.
  • TIM is the mobile telephone branch of Telecom Italia, the most important telecommunications operator in Italy. With the aim of involving and activating a fan base of more than 1 million fans on Facebook, IM*MEDIA rides on the wave of seriality, passion for football and advergaming, to launch TIM Football, a Facebook and App game system. A parallel championship built up by the fans week after week, where it is the passion for cheering their team on that counts. Stunning graphics, and a reissuing of great video game classics in social mode, in a commercially successful 2012 project.
In addition to great brands, IM*MEDIA's customers include many dozens of other small to medium-sized Italian companies.
These are companies operating in a variety of sectors that believe in innovation and bet on digital as a means to conquer a segment of the market.
Nieves Alvarez - fashion
Nieves Alvarez - fashion
Hotel Porta Felice - tourism
Hotel Porta Felice - tourism
Block Studio - architecture
Block Studio - architecture
El Precioso - stud farm
El Precioso - stud farm
Tururi - tourism
Tururi - tourism
Cottanera - wine
Cottanera - wine
Italia Pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia

IM*MEDIA is the technical sponsor of the Italia Pavilion at the Biennale Arte 2013 with the creation of the exhibition website vice versa. The exhibition has an area consisting of seven rooms, seven environments each of which hosts two artists in dialogue with one another, where the deep meaning of this dialectic vocation is expressed through the displayed works.


  • Technical Sponsor of the Italia Pavilion at la Bienale di Venezia (2013)
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